Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

About Mary

 Something About Mary


B&W Looking UpDo you want to know about Mary?  In the simplest terms, she’s a Southern Novelist and author of the Apron Strings Trilogy – Apron Strings, Done Growed Up, and If It Ain’t One Thing…  Mary Morony is one of six children. She was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, mainly by her family’s black maid. It was a time and place of segregated schools and water fountains, as well as restaurants and movie theaters that prohibited black customers.  Morony’s inspiration for the Trilogy was her relationship with her family’s maid, who taught her love and acceptance with warmth, humor, and unending patience.


Morony became a mother of four children and then earned a Bachelor of Arts in English (concentration in creative writing) at the University of Virginia when she was in her forties.  She currently lives on a farm in Orange County, Virginia, just Northeast of Charlottesville with her husband nearly 30 years, Ralph, 2 Great Danes, and 2 guinea hens.


About Mary – Reality and Fiction


Morony’s rich characters are drawn from her childhood memories and lifelong experiences. Growing up where several important people in her life had issues with alcohol, her parents split up in a time when divorce was a humiliating family secret.  Morony had a lot of material to work with.


By the time Morony was 35, she had married four times.  Divorced, widowed and the mother of four children, she has experienced more in her life than most people would in five lives.  It has been said that “A life of tragedy and pain has bred a writer full of wit and compassion” in Mary Morony.  As her characters grow and learn, she teaches lessons gleaned from her own experiences.


Telling stories, Morony says, became her lifeline for survival over a lifetime. With alcoholism and bipolar disorder in her family, with deaths and divorces, and children of her own to raise and educate, she says, “I have lived a life chock full of stories, and I do mean chock full.”  Mary’s husband Ralph, of now almost 30 years, came into her life from Ireland – “I had to import him!” she jokes – between marriages. Like the four children he helped raise – three from her earlier marriages – and their menagerie of dogs, he is well acquainted with her relentless sense of humor – even if, she points out, she may be the only one laughing. A sense of humor, however, actually seems to be a shared family trait, since even after decades together, he still makes her laugh – “that is, when I don’t want to dismember him for some reason or another.


Mary Morony is an author who writes about tragedy from the inside and guides her readers through it to compassion, humor, and recovery. She brings Southern charm, irreverence and wit to bear on subjects as vast as racism and as personal as alcoholism; always with a heart and soul that makes her work undeniably appealing.

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