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A Great Big Giant Thank YOU Laughing Sheep Yarn Cu...

A Great Big Giant Thank YOU Laughing Sheep Yarn Customers!

A Great Big Giant Thank YOU Laughing Sheep Yarn Customers!

As some of you know on the 12th of July, I am leaving for an extended trip to KampalaUganda. While there I will be staying and working at Rahab’s Corner. The brainchild of Moreen Sanyu, Rahab’s Corner, gives

Moreen Sanyu

young girls and their babies caught up in the sex trade in the slums of Kampala a chance at a healthy productive life. Moreen and her staff work with the girls to continue their education, to learn trades and life skills. This beautiful soul’s vision, dedication, and faith to make positive changes in the lives of these girls leaves me awed and inspired to do what I can.

Talk About Inspiration

Five days ago I went by Laughing Sheep Yarn Shop in Charlottesville to ask the proprietor, Shelia, if she would be interested in donating some supplies for me to take to Uganda. That was Monday. I explained that I hoped to teach some of the girls at Rahab’s Corner to knit and in the process get to know each other. Telling your story is a huge step towards healing. Sharing this story with the world can heal more than just the residents of Rahab’s Corner.

My goal is to turn their experiences into a book. On Wednesday Shelia wrote to apologize for not having sent her planned to email out asking for gifts of all sorts of knitting paraphilia from her clientele due to an unexpected death in the family. Friday she called to say I needed to see the yarn, needles, patterns and project bags she received so far. Knowing my limited space, she ventured that I might want to call a halt before too long.
Shelia has some list, full of the most generous and motivated people on the planet. Wow! Thank you all for your abundant generosity. Check back often as I will keep you updated on my Ugandan adventure.


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