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A Dog’s Life

A Dog’s Life

You can see from this picture I’m not the only one that sleeps on the sofa

Since the last time I wrote a post for my blog, there has been much thought about where a dog is expected to sleep. Don’t for one minute think I’m not doing anything just because I’m lying on the sofa snoring. A lot is going on under the surface, and for the record I notice everything.

Last winter, a lot of yelling in my direction started happening for sleeping on my favorite piece of furniture in the living room. It’s not like Mary can use more than one at a time. Makes sense to me that she has hers and I have mine. That is until for no reason I can come up with my best sleeping spot was off limits. Sophie said because we tore the cover up with our feet and so it didn’t look so good anymore is why I got the boot.

First Mary strung a piece of string over the sofa to keep me off. It worked. Too many stings by the electric fence made me distrust anything that looks even a little like one. So even though I’m pretty sure string doesn’t bite like electric fence I’m not going to try getting on the couch in case I’m wrong. Every once in a while company shows up, and the line disappears.

Being a dog and all I am going to test, so I assume I can go back to sleeping up there. Well, guess what I can’t. Nothing ruins a good nap like having someone demand in a grumpy voice, “Hagar, get off! Down now!” and then the guilt trip starts. “You know better than that.”

If I had any idea what better was, I promise you I wouldn’t be getting yelled at. I hate it. Just last week I sorta slipped up on my old favorite napping spot, hard to resist when the barriers are down. And I got the same old grumpy guilt trip, but then this happened!

What’s up with this?

Okay, Okay I get it!! Sheeze!

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