Mary Morony is an author who can write about tragedy from the inside and guides her readers through it to compassion, humor and recovery. She brings Southern charm, irreverence and wit to bear against subjects as vast as racism and as personal as alcoholism, always with a heart and soul that is undeniably appealing.

The Apron Strings Trilogy is a powerful, touching and funny series of books in the vein of Fried Green Tomatoes and The Help. A story of love and bigotry, family and the people who love us, author Mary Morony shares a story that is based in her Southern childhood and the people around her.

Apron Strings is set in the Charlottesville in the 1950’s. A turbulent time where racism and love collideapron-strings-3d-2-191x300 and huge gaps exist in the lives of everyone involved. More than just a story about racism, this is also a story about substance abuse and the abuse of people and power to try to fill the holes left in lives by hate and anger.

Coming soon *****In Done Growed Up, the family members begin to work through their past and its echoes in their present lives. Set in the Charlottesville and in New York City in the still unsettled 1960’s, Done Growed Up shows the powerful effects of a family that is confronting its demons and bringing in the help of loving and caring people.

A Work Still In Progress*****The latest book, If It Ain’t One Thing tells of the end of one of the characters as (he/she) confronts (his/her) mortality. In (his/her) nineties, the time for a conscious death has arrived. With life events like weddings, deaths, and reconciliations, this completes the tale of a family that is learning to live after generations of pain and suffering.

Author Mary Morony delivers a tour de force of honest characters, lively humor, and painful tragedy.

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