Head ShotLottie, my family’s black maid, raised my five siblings and me. Thanks to her devoted care I learned firsthand that love didn’t come in color. Love is love. Apron Strings a work of literary fiction is inspired by this very real relationship set in very turbulent times when people were judged by the color of their skin. I attended a talk given by a famous author a few years ago. She told the story of a woman who confronted her at a similar talk. The women stood up and in the middle of the audience and said, “She didn’t love you. She was paid to look like she loved you, but she didn’t.”

apron-strings-3d-2Not a single word spoken after, did I hear. I had just been handed an imperative. The novel that had been languishing on my computer for so long now had a reason to be. I was very fortunate to have been raised by a beautiful women who loved me not because she was paid to, but because she was someone who saw beyond color, beyond what separates us to what brings us closer together: our capacity to love.  I dedicate this story to Lottie.